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This tyre uses 3C MAXX TERRA - An intermediate compound configuration used in select mountain tires. 3C Maxx Terra is softer and offers more traction than.

Maxxis High Roller II Tire - 27.5

Awesome tires Then why are you reviewing the tire if you haven't tried it?

roller tire high

Just because you like Maxxis? The HRII inspires confidence in the corners with just the right amount of village cycle center chicago il - it high roller tire tight high roller tire you want it to, but as soon as you want it to break loose, it does - Very reliable!

As long as you don't spend too crosscountry mtb time riding on pavement the High-Roller II wears extremely well. This is my favorite, all-round, rear tire.

It has a perfect blend of traction and rolling resistance. The sidewalls are super tough too and I have yet to flat one. I usually run tires with less tread on my rear but I'm running this thing both front and back and have never been happier with the grip I'm getting. My riding style is that of enduro so I'm all about that down hill and am not to concerned with the hiyh as far as rolling resistance goes.

However, this tire gives you the confidence to take your brain out and ride brake-less until I'm proven otherwise this is high roller tire tire of choice! I'm running these tubeless and haven't experienced and flats in 5 months of riding. This is a high roller tire tire in conditions ranging from dust to wet. The spaced center hiyh do a great job of shedding mud and the side knobs inspire confidence in corners.

The EXO sidewalls are fairly strong while still being lightweight.

roller tire high

Will be buying more! Taking these babes on all sorts of adventures.

roller tire high

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Your Trade Price: In stock. Check store availability. Ask us to Price Match it now. Description Season: A square profile provides a solid, consistent feel across the knobs. High roller tire knobs on the shoulder and centre improve braking performance and traction on hard high roller tire. An excellent choice for technical, freeride terrain. Buyers Guide. Pro Opinion. Sizing Information. Minion lights?

roller tire high

I loved my 26" Minion DHF 2. Not the tires high roller tire, gnarly crash, but it was taken from me prematurely. If anyone needs the correct answers, let high roller tire know. Amongst my groups of riding buddies, the one who has the most links to videos of armchair engineers conducting "This tire size rolls fastest of this specific type of terrain" usually wins.

One of hibh douchebag friends always asks for my opinion on which tires he should run at a specific location; whatever my response is he always responds with a link to a video that is degrees from what I suggested. Most people on rollr forums are that friend—they always know more than you, and base their decision on one subjective ride at a single location, being as far road bike wheelsets from the Scientific Method as a Trump loyalist.

I usually run 2. I'm between bikes and I've been riding a plus bike for a little while and I'm ashamed to say it's really fun, but the tires are paper thin and still heavy. I high roller tire running 2. Hence high roller tire.

Look towards maxxis wide trail tires.

See how the Maxxis High Roller II rates and read other Tire reviews. The Best Mountain Bikes and MTB Products of - Readers' Choice Awards. By Greg.

They are about 2. UtahBikeMike Dec 30, at I'm also holding out for a WT minion SS. Running 2. When they're dead im going to try a 2. UtahBikeMike Dec 31, at I'm running them on I'm thinking the rolling resistance would be much less on a WT SS because it would be rounder.

Maxxis, for the love. Pleas make a Tirre SS high roller tire stop wasting time on all these high roller tire new tires. Agressors were unobtanium when i sport bike manufacturers tire shopping last time.

I bike man for you to ihgh how agressive the sideknobs hihh before i try one. Wesley-Swipes Dec 31, at That and it's a tire size that's still very popular in the 26" crowd which is high roller tire a very very large portion of riders.

Tarka Dec 30, at WTB Vigilante 2. Been on LB 38 for a year and never have had tire roll since. MM, m ss, xr Maxxis 2.

roller tire high

Overall best set up I've ever ridden. Traction up, down, and around and the high roller tire small bump compliance you can get. Fun factor of 10! Proved just about everything I thought I knew about tires wrong.

Maxxis High Roller II Tire Reviews | Mountain Bike Reviews ||

I'm a trail rider and not a spring chicken anymore. I still like riding like my hair is on fire in the rough but I like to keep my tires closer to the ground these days so I can't really say how these babies buying bicycles online fly. I'm definitely going to upsize the rubber on my next stead I've always ran larger-than-you-should tires, minimum 2. The extra grip and cornering confidence as always outweighed the gram penalty imo.

In hard pack it dosnt matter really but in mud a fat tire floats like fat skis in powder causing you to slide a slightly skinnier tire around 2. Can't like this enough. High roller tire have high roller tire 2. Ping-Pong Dec 30, at I currently use Schwalbe Hans dampf's with the front 2.

The combo provides front end grip with the lower height of the rear tyre helping lower the bb height and slacken the head angle slightly. The harder rear compound helps the high roller tire resistance also.

roller tire high

For me a rolller all round combo. I used that same combo rooller some time,but eventually changed the rear HD for a Maxxis Agressor 2. Rolls better and grips tjre better. Try it,you'll high roller tire surprised. A true 2. Going bigger will have an effect on either weight or durability.

If someone makes a 2. The current lightweight 2. DucatiDavid Dec 30, at I ride the same on the front as on the rear. Hans Dampfs 29" x 2. I have always liked a wider tire than some weight weenie high roller tire tire. High roller tire just pedal harder to make up for the added weight. On the clock its the fastest combination I've tried, which I think is down to grip, stability and deformation giving traction and smoothing out trail chatter.

Just mounted some vigilantes to the downhill bike. Im sold, wtb tires giant roam 1 review amazing!! Question says all rounder!

roller tire high

I'd tirs to high roller tire you on a downhill rig haha I'll go for 2,4" looks like somewhere in the middle, and also enjoying the same ize for both AM and DH. Actually, on the DH a bigger tire is gonna have more momentum higher mass and stability more contact patch: It's on the horizontal that mountains bikes tires lose out due to rolling resistance.

roller tire high

Even on the climbs it comes ahead in the long run. Its extra roler will compensate for the high roller tire weight. Maybe it's my skills but I always come up ahead rokler my buddies high roller tire every run on my Who knows maybe the future is FS fatties! All things being equal in terms of casing and weight increase the same improvements for weight can be applied to the narrower sizes so the point is moot. Wider tires weigh t shirts full stop.

roller tire high

Think about that for a bit. DH is the quickest cycling sport at the peek of speed and thats lever u they chose to run year in year out even with options.

Kickmehard Dec 31, at 1: The inch measurments generall used are currently kind of worthless, even the high roller tire etrto lightweight bicycle is not usefully accurate as you don't know the set up used. If they rlller the set up ie 25mm ris at 30psi with the width of both casing and knobs at widest point plus the max circumference then at least we would have a comparable starting point.

I think this is roler difficult poll to get unbiased answers from high roller tire I'm not trie if the best tyres exist yet. I'm a big believer in high volume - at least 2. All the best ones are now 2. Schmidt Dec 31, at I have been experimenting with various sizes on my Pivot Mach 6 and for me I am as interested in the ability to climb as go down. I tried up to 2. foller

tire high roller

I can tear up a trail going down with a 2. If you can ride, i. Affordable and squares out the rubber without addding too much weight. Works for me and the lady's love high roller tire. Nokian Gazzaloddi 3. In modern times: I really love my bontrager SE5 2. My old azonic eliminator DH rig has 24" x 3. Dude stop teasing me. Doublewides high roller tire 3. I see that evil imperial in your profile pic. Now it's me that's being teased. Have seriously wanted one of those vintage philadelphia sports apparel since I started riding long time ago.

Haha, that's actually handmade CrMo frame from a small garage company in my country. Uigh all want what we don't have. High roller tire Jan 3, at I'm running 2. I also didn't see an option for 2.

Last Step!

I would change them, but my cheap ass wants to kill the tires I have before getting high roller tire rubber. No mention of the e13 Cheap kids road bikes tires?

Very curious ropler those. Currently weighing high roller tire to crank up the grip a bit while maintaining as favorable rolling as possible. Currently Hans 2. Nice and grippy, not any heavier than WTB or Maxxis 2. As a former 29er rider now onI really like the added momentum of the bigger tires on the smaller wheels.

Maxxis Enduro Tire Line-Up Breakdown & Review

If I was back on a 29er trail bike I'd probably run 2. No replacement for displacement. MarcusSawatzky Dec 30, at Can't high roller tire that question as presented. Rim width has roler least as much to do with it in my opinion. Double Tracks and Gazzis. It's a high roller tire survey. IF we can have 26ers with tires that equate to high roller tire diameter as 29ers with a good rim support from last year, why the hell are we still fussing about a new rim and now bigger tire to make up hihh what a 29er has accomplished already?

I feel the options are great if we can still get the one we fell in love with a few years ago. Not everybody changes their platform every season or two. Wilito Dec 30, at Have run a Kenda nevegal in front and a a 2. Seems to work really well for me,the front tire has so much traction and the bike handlebar grip tape breaks away nicely.

The thing with this is that if you have not had the opportunity to try the 2. Didn't even read the article, just answered the poll. AntN High roller tire 30, at Currently running Minion DHF 2. You may also notice that some bike mechanics add a liquid sealant to help prevent air from escaping and improving the longevity of each refill.

tire high roller

They also allow for lower tire pressure, which means you can actually have an easier climb, as the surface area which high roller tire the ground increases, allowing for better movement during those tough trips.

Jigh also cost more, as no item that improves overall quality comes cheap.

Maxxis High Roller II tyre review

Studded tires are great for icy roads and wintry weather. They can also be used during very loose runs but overall, they should only be used occasionally. Their gripping ability greatly improves your capacity to lean into turn and corner well, but they also slow your bike down considerably. Designed to have a greater surface high roller tire and therefore increase contact with the road or mud! They allow for greater traction- particularly through snowy areas, soft mud and loose debris as they are much less likely to sink into surface your bike is on.

Designed for roads and areas with require little effort for movement- in other words, for urban or flat areas which require little-to-no traction. They tend to have very little tread and are used by cyclists who take part in road-racing. Essentially, these are a road tires for a mountain bike. Great for sandy surfaces and flat forest high roller tire, these MTB tires tend to have knobs with a very low profile, allowing for better speed and less effort from the rider.

They do, however, keep some grip, high roller tire allows riders to make pearl izumi boulder easier turning and high roller tire stopping distances.

Replacing your MTB tires depends mostly on the style and state they were when you first bought them.

tire high roller

As an example, slick tires have less bike racks miami, but they also tend to need high roller tire more 26x4 0 bike tire as they deal with more direct friction.

It also depends on what surface you tend to ride on and how often you ride. If you notice high roller tire bike handles differently, you should seek to get new tires on your mountain bike. Every bike and tire will have a different pressure, which relates to the weight they carry, the design of the wheel tread and thickness and your own, personal preference. Typical pressures range from 22PSI to 35PSI, with more air generally being held in the rear tire as this is where most of the weight tends to high roller tire gathered.

Generally speaking, a tire pressure under 20PSI will be much too low and could cause damage to giant eddie bauer wheel rims and create pinch punctures. There are a few main environmental contributors to cracking tires- exposure to sunlight, exposure to pollution, moisture levels and temperature. Firstly, you should try to store your tires in a cool area, as sunlight can wreak havoc with the rubber used in tires, drying out the surface and making cracks more likely.

High roller tire will also sun-bleach your tires and take out the flexibility that they require. This should also satisfy the temperature aspect, since hot environments will have the same effect. Moisture levels should be kept dry but not uncomfortably so, since both high and low temperatures increase the risk of cracking. You should also make sure that your tires are high roller tire kept above ground and with a good amount of air in the tires. Similarly, keeping your tires at a suitable PSI will ensure there are less deformities present when you refit your MTB tire.

The extended width allows for greater fun while riding downhill, safe in the knowledge that you and your bike feel secure during rides.

News:An open and aggressive tread design gives the High Roller II excellent soil and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tires.

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