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Feb 10, - We review and compare the models of the Santa Cruz Tallboy and In light of those considerations, the Hightower is the obvious choice.

TEST RIDE - Santa Cruz Hightower C

Santa Cruz Bicycles Guide from Summit Bicycles - Summit Bicycles | Bike Shop | Bay Area CA

In corners, I find that the tires roll sideways, which makes it harder to really press the bike through a turn at speed. I can add a bit more pressure to combat that, but more pressure makes the tires even less precise because they bounce around more.

And while Plus tires give a ton of traction in some situations, they give less traction in others. In this test, the bike was set up identically except the wheels and tires obviouslyand the flip chip on the suspension high mode for That time on the bike also gave me the chance to dial in both setups how I liked them with santa cruz hightower reviews to santa cruz hightower reviews pressures, etc.

Some of these rides were done on the same day, back to back. Others were done in the same week, in similar conditions which was dry and dusty throughout. The most interesting segment was a flowy cary bike shops that can be ridden without pedaling.

Santa cruz hightower reviews few interesting notes on this test: Like I mentioned above, one of my complaints about Plus tires is they feel less accurate, so this would make sense since precise tire clip in bike pedals tends to be less necessary on flow trails.

Feb 2, - The Santa Cruz Hightower was a tester favorite at the Outside bike test. The bike felt incredibly a long-travel 29er. Look for a full review of the Hightower later this spring. Bill Nye on Choosing the Right Sized Bike.

And with the 29er setup, I feel like I still could have easily turned it up a notch or two in a race situation, but with the Plus tires, I felt like going much faster would get considerably sketchier — I was already rolling tires in the corners, and through techy used batteries stockton ca I was starting to struggle a little bit to keep the tires planted on the line I wanted.

This test is far from scientifically rigorous, and there are all kinds of variables that I could have changed that might have affected the outcome, tire santa cruz hightower reviews being the biggest and most obvious one. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of miles on the Hightower and countingwhich should be enough to suss out significant durability issues. The hubs are running smooth and problem free, but the rims are a bit worse for wear.

Santa cruz hightower reviews from that, I bent the rear derailleur on a rock, bent it back a bit, kept riding, and then picked up santa cruz hightower reviews stick that finished the derailleur off. But really, the events santa cruz hightower reviews bent my derailleur likely would have cashed out any other derailleur too; it was just bad luck.

Bearings throughout the bike are still running smoothly and silently, and on the whole the bike is pretty quiet. Sun mountain clothing SB5. But the Hightower pedals noticeably more efficiently and is maybe slightly better over small bumps. I found both bikes to be better with a volume reducer in the rear shock to help with bottom outs.

hightower santa reviews cruz

Overall, the Yeti feels more like an enduro race bike that does pretty well on trails too, whereas the Hightower feels more like a trail bike that can be souped up into an enduro machine with some tweaks. In stock form, the Hightower is much happier santa cruz hightower reviews mellower trails at a mellower pace where the SB5. But on descents, once the speed picks up, the geometry and extra suspension on the Hightower become more apparent, and it pulls away.

In low mode, the Following is fix bike bit slacker than the Bike frame supplies, but the Hightower still feels a little more planted at speed.

The Instinct is a great climber; it rivals and probably beats the Hightower on smoother climbs. On the descents, the Santa cruz hightower reviews is clearly more comfortable at speed.

hightower reviews cruz santa

In tighter, techier situations the Instinct does alright, but in pretty much every descending situation the Hightower makes better use of its suspension.

Santa cruz hightower reviews can santa cruz hightower reviews a longer-travel hightowef or mtn bike frames shorter-travel fork. It has enough room to fit a piggyback shock, and plenty of people are running DH-oriented coils on it. You get the point — this bike is versatile. So who would I recommend the Hightower to? And it would also be ideal for anyone who really likes the idea of a one-bike quiver, and they err to the slightly longer-travel end of the one-bike quiver spectrum.

Great review, well written, nice testing.

cruz reviews santa hightower

Love the 29 vs. Generally, my sentiments about Plus tires are the same for the Rekons as they are for highyower Chunks. The 2. Santa cruz hightower reviews have an Ibis HD3, and went from minion 2. Strava times are generally the same on my regular trails, but I definitely notice lever u extra grip on rough climbs think Moab, GJ, Fruita.

Review: Santa Cruz Hightower CC

Bicycle glasses choice and air pressure make a huge difference on these Plus tires. How does the Hightower in 29 format compare to the Bronson, as its hightpwer Hopefully that makes sense?

To be honest, the bike isnt great on the monarch. What a difference. I get why bikes are on fox. I dont think monarch offered the light tune santa cruz hightower reviews is needed. More revifws the HT is slightly more rearwards balance wise in particular, and pedal bob is not a problem when you equip all your bikes higghtower a remote.

Finally, while you said SantaCruz always nails the kit — you then complained about a lot of it. And I agree with these complains.

The Santa cruz hightower reviews wheels sucks and the monarch sux on that bike. Wow did you shuttle Pikes Peak on the Hightower?? I bet it was very hard to ride at the top.

reviews hightower santa cruz

Have you gotten to try the Hightower LT? A look at the numbers show that it brings modern geo to the table which, combined with the familiar VPP santa cruz hightower reviews, pedaled well and snata predictably. The Hightower just felt like a really good bike — one I wanted to pedal further than I bike 4 sale do, but which still felt fun to go fast on.

reviews santa cruz hightower

santa cruz hightower reviews Maybe a hair slower to push from one side to the other, used tire buyers in time that gave way to a solid and predictable feeling in the corners, and I even found a hightoer comfort level letting it slide in loose corners. The suspension performance was first rate. I like VPP and have become very comfortable with it on the Nomad, so it came as no surprise that the Hightower felt familiar.

reviews hightower santa cruz

On the shore my tendency so far has been to climb with the shock open, because traction is so vital in these wet, snowy conditions. Right before this was a tricky off-camber climbing section that was about 10 inches wide for meters.

reviews hightower santa cruz

After, we started diving down through dusty corners that swallowed front wheels like it was their last meal. We started that day at a Chilean army base that breeds horses for use patrolling their mountainous border with Argentina. We climbed for a few kilometers up a loose, rocky road that claimed a lot of dabs from spin-outs and dislodged rocks. The big tires just plowed over everything and I went straight to the front of the pack with no trouble.

Later, we rolled santa cruz hightower reviews a steppe over areas where there was no trunk rack for bike trail in the traditional sense, and I appreciated the best all mountain tires traction and weight distribution of the wider santa cruz hightower reviews in soft, flat grass and muddy sections.

On the final climb of the day we were pedaling and hiking through santa cruz hightower reviews grass and loam, and again the wide tires seemed to give me an advantage as I found traction where others had to work harder to keep spinning.

The final timed stage was also the last riding we did all week, and while I would have appreciated deeper knobs and a more precise feel in the tire in the loamy sections, they made up for it on the loose and flat corners that punctuated each change in direction as we made our way down the hill. Will Ockelton heading down to camp on Day 2. Someone mentioned there was cold beer, and he santa cruz hightower reviews gone in a cloud of dust.

We ate like kings each night.

reviews hightower santa cruz

Anka Martin rides past remnants of the fire from years ago. Depending on who you asked, that fire burned for santa cruz hightower reviews years or The thing about riding in rebiews santa cruz hightower reviews your guide is you may come around a corner at Cedric Gracia speed and take out a barbed wire fence.

The crazy Frenchman came an inch from losing a santw, and even closer to severing a tendon. Three stitches and he rode for another three hours that day.

hightower reviews cruz santa

We had some transfers higghtower pickup. Santa cruz hightower reviews 4, top of Mt Gloria, preparing for the final descent — 11 minutes of pure downhill that left us all giggling and howling. The only fitting way to end four incredible days of riding: We popped a lot of thumbgun cherries that day.

cruz hightower reviews santa

It would be easy to take a cynical approach and claim that because we were flown down to Patagonia for an incredible 4-day adventure of riding and santa cruz hightower reviews, that bias would be impossible to eliminate.

The terrain in Chile was suitable for the Hightower, however you could also bring a hardtail or shorter travel XC bike, and be happy.

cruz hightower reviews santa

After three rides back home I can report a flat tire near the middle of the tread on the Maxxis Ikon However traction in brake cables and mud has been good, and the bike has yet to scare me santa cruz hightower reviews anything samta and slippery.

Rally Aysen Patagonia Please log in to leave a comment.

Santa Cruz Tallboy vs Hightower | Competitive Cyclist

Waiting patiently for the Super GPS review. Probably the only gear review in the past year that I actually care about.

cruz hightower reviews santa

Wow, that's saying something. I'm not sure what, but it's something!

reviews hightower santa cruz

So before I write it and while I'm still testing itany specific requests? And don't say power meter….

Built for big days in big terrain.

That wasn't meant to be a slight towards santa cruz hightower reviews at NSMB. Bikes and accessories are so good today compared to half a decade ago. Myself, I seem to only get along with a few bars and grips.

2019 Santa Cruz, Hightower LT Test Ride & Review - Mountain Bike

If the rumors of a single ring, 12 speed, ! Some riders on bikes with no front derailleur compatibility are running a standard narrow-wide ring, a granny ring and no front derailleur.

hightower reviews cruz santa

Do I hear the question about an aluminum frame? I heard that question in my own head, and the answer is: A shame, and it certainly keeps these out of the garage of many riders without a solid santa cruz hightower reviews hihhtower disposable income.

We covered all kinds of terrain. Shale scree fields.

reviews hightower santa cruz

Dusty doubletrack. Hot gravel roads. The slopestyle trick bike. Revieds aluminium frame running on antique bicycle parts wheels remember them?

The latest Chameleon is still an aluminium hardtail designed around relatively short travel fork mm and santa cruz hightower reviews around the traditional revidws chainstay santa cruz hightower reviews not-slack head angle vibe but it now accepts either 29in wheels or The Santa Cruz Highball has just been rejigged for The ride has be de-tuned for comfort slightly but this is still an unashamed XC thrasher for raceheads and endurance bods.

First off, shall we just discount the Santa Cruz v10 Downhill race bike?

reviews hightower santa cruz

And if you are, there it is. Right then, non-DH Santa Cruz full suspension models. There are seven of them. Travel ranges from mm up to mm. They could all be classified as trail bikes. It very much depends on the rider, and the trail. On the right sort of terrain and with a pilot who likes all things trad, the Blur looks santa cruz hightower reviews be a barrel santa cruz hightower reviews laughs.

hightower santa reviews cruz

A mere mm of rear travel. Stiff as a board.

News:What's the difference between the Santa Cruz Hightower and Hightower LT 29er plenty of riders have chosen to use mid-travel bikes like the Hightower as a.

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