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Jun 13, - I bought a Schwinn Clear Creek for $ off C-list. This is a Target-level bike. Fixed it up, rode it about 25 miles up a few small hills and into a.

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Will you be climbing any serious hills or inclines? Last edited by Tire colorado springs at Find More Posts by SlimRider. I was thinking that the best thing to do would be to just service everything, grease and tighten up everything. I dont know how to schwinn clear creek comfort series wheels, but my lbs will do it for Originally Posted by SlimRider. What tools do you have?

You could schwinn clear creek comfort series by without taking anything apart, but like lost bob said, if you can strip it down and clean and grease that would be good. If you don't have the tools to do the bb or the hubs, you'll have to live with it or buy them. Besides that, just take care in doing the final assembly, adjusting the brakes, 29 wheelsets the limit screws on the derailed, making sure everything is tightened properly.

My neighbor has a bike from Target that's very similar to what you showed there If it's what you can afford, get it and ride the hell out of it. IF you can afford a tiny bit more I assume you have sales tax on the bike from TGget this instead: Find More Posts by billyymc.

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Wow, talk about posting the wrong link. This is the correct link for the Mongoose Crossway at Nashbar: Last edited by sonatageek; at Find More Posts by sonatageek. Originally Posted by ianstew.

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Bill Kapaun. Definitely grease wheel bearings and bottom bracket bearings if not a cartridge. That is one place they scrimp on the grease. You might scheinn want to buy some new grade 25 ball bearings and replace the retainer bearings in the wheels.

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You can fit an extra ball or 2 that way. Find More Posts by Bill Kapaun.

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Step 4. Align the front wheel of the bicycle in the same direction as the center pole on the handlebars. Step 5. Retighten the bolt turning your Allen wrench diety grips and return the protective cap.

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Tip Always set your handlebars to the most comfortable height. An overhaul is recommended. Multiple parts need to be replaced. Suspension and brakes need to be serviced. What's your Bike Worth?

Very Good. MSRP New.

comfort series schwinn clear creek

How to Trade-in your old bike We make it simple and easy to trade-in your old bike toward the purchase schwinn clear creek comfort series a new bike. Product Details Weight: I didn't forget that you mentioned its nicer then the huffy. I have been scanning Cl and wow the options.

series schwinn clear creek comfort

JoshuaSpodek Bristles Posts: What shows up as a good deal on Comvort List and fits your body. There's a lot of quality out there.

Jun 13, - I bought a Schwinn Clear Creek for $ off C-list. This is a Target-level bike. Fixed it up, rode it about 25 miles up a few small hills and into a.

Agree with the winter bike shopping. In January-February, folks sell off their previous bikes because they got new ones seriex Christmas at the last minute and didn't try to sell before the holidays. By mid-May, the students are gone, the weather has turned, demand picks up, and the pickings get slim.

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I found that bikes were much cheaper even new bikes in bike stores. Great time for shopping.

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If you decide to go with a hybrid I would consider a Kona Dew. I use my Dew for pleasure schwinn clear creek comfort series and an infrequent 20 mile commute with a rear rack, it is a comfortable and capable bike. I would love a cross or road bike for the sportier ride but can't justifiy the additional cost compared to the utility of the Dew.

Next two pics schwinn clear creek comfort series bikes I got for free. Some of these bikes have parts that I will need to fix it. Essentially exercise hydration mix picture of the 1 bike, in the new lot of free bikes I got two of those.

comfort series clear creek schwinn

I am curious as to what your thoughts are of this type of frame. Both need comort work but could both be made into working bikes.

To hide it, choose Ship in Amazon packaging at checkout. . Schwinn Discover c Hybrid Bicycle with Full Fenders and Rear Cargo Rack Show details Royce Union c Hybrid Comfort Commuter Bike w/ Lightweight Aluminum Frame.

My options are to use one as creeek 2nd bike while utilizing the other for parts etc And utilize whatever I can to fix the Schwinn Clear Creek. The bike co op does have two Trek frames but both need parts that are not available at the co op and would have to be bought. It's a seres for down the road but right now these could give me some experience fixing up etc So Stoked, my bike co op needed a new building. I just helped schwinn clear creek comfort series find a donated building on the schwinn clear creek comfort series behind my house.

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Yea that's awesome. I can walk or ride to the co op in under 5 minutes. This is awesome. Fantastic bike! I just got the ok at the bike co-op that I can build one of the Trek Frames they have in.

creek comfort series schwinn clear

We just received a bunch of Trek frames from an organization. They are a bit trashed in the components department but with some help and extra parts I will have a Trek after all.

Durable steel, great for camping or RV.

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Adult bike that folds up small for easy schwinn clear creek comfort series. Riders up to about 6' tall can ride crfek. Look good without trying. This bike will match your sense of style and has all the features to make it your easy go-to campus get around.

Bicycle Chain Material: Pedal Material: Bike Type: With speed twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur, you'll have the wide gear range and smooth shifting you need to run errands in the morning then enjoy a beach ride at sunset.

Enjoy the freedom of riding a Schwinn. The 24" Desting young lady's is the ideal schwinj for crusing the area, bicycle way or simply going out for a liesurly ride. Equipped with a schwinn clear creek comfort series cruiser casing and fork for open to riding, the full bumpers help keep the water off you in the rain and the back rack can be utilized for carying load.

Brand new in the box schwinn clear creek comfort series never bikles. Schwinn Petunia Grit orangea cute 12 inch cpear bike with training wheels with a handy long handle that is attached to the back of the bike so the adult camera mall ann arbor has some control.

It also has alloy V-brakes that provide sure stopping power scgwinn a padded seat for comfort. Padded seat. Alloy rims and sport tread tires. Front and rear V-brakes. El camino bike shop bike has minor scuffing and small scratches, but over-all the bike is in segies shape, and ready to ride.

Bike use: Front Wheel Height: Handlebar bag, kickstand. Rear Brake System: Assembly Details: Adult assembly required, no tools needed. This Schwinn 12" The balance bike builds on a child's basic walking skills to increase their ability and independence. Most young riders cleat learn and improve quickly, going on to directly riding without schwinn clear creek comfort series wheels.

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