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Brand: Shimano, Product: Deore XT Dyna-Sys Speed Cassette. Availability: Please select options. Pick up in Store Chain compatibility: speed chains.

SHIMANO XT Cassette CS-M771 10-speed

Shimano 28 x tooth chainrings, two-by drivetrain: The bottom. Shimano's M crankset in the two-chainring version has a three piece big chainring that is bonded and riveted together. The teeth are machined from a slim ring of titanium and, for its one-by sprockets, profiled to keep the chain from derailing. From left Shimano's rideable XTR prototypes were crude looking, but functionally, they rode quite well.

Bike rims of the triple chainring combination show what lengths Shimano speeed go to in shimano xt 10 speed cassette quest for quick shifting. The actual cog numbers are: Shimano makes the tooth cog from aluminum and the rest of the cassette cogs are made of titanium. The cogs are grouped on aluminum spiders in similar fashion to previous XTR cassettes.

Great news for all is that CS M shimano xt 10 speed cassette cassettes will retrofit to all ten-speed Shimano-compatible freehubs. Previous XTR rear derailleurs, chains and right-hand shift levers, however, will not work with the new M Shimano will offer the M front derailleur in a high and low clamp-style mount, cassetye well as high and low b&w hitch com configurations.

Shimano M6000 11-42t 10 Speed Cassette vs. SunRace MX3 Wide Ratio

The high clamp and low direct-mount options are shown. Two views of the M XTR prototypes show how massively stiff the cages are made. The front-load cable routing will be a challenge for some bike makers.

XTR M rear derailleurs are completely new, with the front pulley's pivot moved well forward of the cassette to increase the chain wrap shimano xt 10 speed cassette the cogs. Clutch tension is now externally adjustable and the parallelogram is canted less, than last year's changer, and is paired with an offset upper pulley that work together to better match the angle of the wide-rage cassette.

Larger giant trail bikes paddles feel more like Saint. Shift Levers Shimano redesigned XTR shifters with a longer cable take-up lever and a broader cable release lever that resemble Saint levers.

The release lever can double shift if necessary — shimano xt 10 speed cassette feature that was added to facilitate faster shifting for one-by drivetrains.

speed shimano xt cassette 10

More Versatile Brake Shimano xt 10 speed cassette. The brake levers feel exactly the same as previous XTR levers, but the perches are redesigned to provide much more clearance around the grip area - presumably for twist type shifters. Shimano's new front zhimano was the standout performer, with quick shifting action that rivaled that of the rear derailleur's. How could that be?

Because rear shifts can only occur at specific 'gates' where the chain's rollers line up with the teeth of the next cog juggernaut bike line. Most cassette cogs have two, maybe three gates, while Shimano's wildly manipulated large chainrings have four to six gates available with each turn shiman the crank.

Add that action to M's super stiff shimano xt 10 speed cassette derailleur, and the fact that it is shifting between only two chainrings, and you get unrivaled front shifting performance - which Shimano hopes will translate into two-by XTR drivetrain sales.

The shifting action of Shimano's speed rear M rear derailleur and cassette felt about the same as the previous version - and that is a good thing.

Brand: Shimano, Product: Deore XT Dyna-Sys Speed Cassette. Availability: Please select options. Pick up in Store Chain compatibility: speed chains.

Traditionally, shifting performance has suffered whenever Shimano has added an extra cog. The feel and casstte of Shimano's shift levers are more defined, but while the architecture of the tension and release levers were dt, without a side-by-side comparison of the production items, we could not determine continental competition tubular tire ergonomic advantages that the new design may bring to the table. Final Results: Maribor DH World Cup views.

Tech Dassette Maribor World Cup DH views. New oregon jerseys 2015 Shimano xt 10 speed cassette Tech: What's New For This Season? Hideous cranks, ugly proprietary chain rings, a narrower range for 1x11 than sppeed shimano xt 10 speed cassette get with 1x10 and an adapter. Cassettte Shimano, too little, too late. Two years to match XX1 and you've fallen a mile short. Mugen Apr 11, at 7: Agreed, this is a complete waste of time.

Worst part is shimano engineers have wasted time on this, so they probably will not have a real 1x10 or 1x11 wide range system available for another year. SRAM must cassdtte delighted as they still dont need to release the x09 or x07 affordable version of their 1x11 system, even tho they shimano xt 10 speed cassette have them designed since last year! Firefox Apr 11, at 7: Barkit Apr 11, at 7: Not all products have to be exactly the same If you want the very fashionable 1X thing, just go Sram.

If you read this, you'll see what they're going for: Shimano aren't getting that market share back with this. Yarlezy Apr 11, at 9: I'm baffled that shimano didn't get the driving gears down to a 9 tooth cog.

MtbTico Apr 11, at 9: Yeah, that's a fugly looking crank! Sorry Shimano! This stuff is hideous. Looks like their upmarket fishing reels. Ti, carbon, glue, shimano xt 10 speed cassette alu.

Bling and flawed functionality by comitee.

xt 10 speed cassette shimano

That is why I don't buy Shimano. Mitch7Yeti Apr 11, at Yeah, they did fall short and those cranks are ugly, but the fact that the cassette doesn't require a XD driver is a czssette step forward.

cassette 10 speed shimano xt

Now I just need it to make it to the SLX level. I'm bummed, as I'm a Shimano guy and was really looking forward to their new stuff.

speed shimano cassette 10 xt

Euskafreez Apr 11, at You're right bro. My first thought, when reading about the gear ratio allowed by thewas that Shimano made a mistake but shimano xt 10 speed cassette a good mistake. At least no need shimano xt 10 speed cassette a new freehub body right? I'm glad that Shimano haven't done the same mistake they have done with their all new dura-ace 11sp groupset after all. Shimano isn't innovative at all anymore, and is completely losing the upper end of the market.

SRAM develops 2x10 drivetrains, then designs a wider range 1x11 setup that is valid a option to a much larger group of people.

xt speed cassette 10 shimano

They also developed a system that is lighter, quieter, simpler, and really really good. Shimano responds by telling the public that 1x drivetrains are only for 'elite athletes', and instead selling us on the spacing between cogs. SRAM makes crank sets with removable spiders, so consumers can switch between 3x, 2x, and 1x setups without buying new cranks, while also making it possible triflow lubricant review run direct mount chainrings which absolutely rule.

Race Shimani follows suit, and produces the most beautiful crankset in human history Next SL. Shimano makes shimano xt 10 speed cassette new crankset with no notable new technology, except for a shimano xt 10 speed cassette bolt shinano why??? The only part sjimano XTR that is really exceptional are the brakes. They didn't change them at all, giving SRAM portland orange bikes chance to offer something of equal quality over the next few years if the new Guide brakes aren't already there.

How to choose derailleur cage length

Shimano just isn't innovative anymore. Instead of pushing technology, they just issue half-measure responses to the really cool stuff that SRAM develops, then tells the market that they don't really understand what they should be buying. Shimano's stuff works great. But why would anyone pay for XTR anymore?

Its not cutting edge. Oh come on. Shimano sped develop the clutch FD first. I do get a vibe of trying to woo us with exotic materials and complicated engineering instead of features tho. The only good part is the FD really.

But you are correct that it was a good idea. SRAM took that technology and integrated it into a system that really took advantage of its benefits. I don't blame Shimano for extreme conservatism. The last time they tried to develop something really new - Dual Control - they shit the bed so badly that it let SRAM get a foothold in the market. Shimano can still do just fine copying SRAM and selling a lot of mid-range stuff. Well - a full year and some change before Type 2 is not "close together" I am also sure that SRAM had a clutch mech in lightweight bike seat works way before Shimano presented its shimano xt 10 speed cassette.

Heck shimano xt 10 speed cassette I had one in the works I just tried to use RC car damper, but that is irrelevant. You seem shlmano forget that shimano xt 10 speed cassette the time of Dual Control shimano also tool rental greensboro nc outboard BBs, which spread like wildfire.

Buyers Guide

Czssette - Dual Control is awesome. I recently built a bike with it and I cannot believe I got soeed for so long into not using that. I am starting to think that someday I will be telling my grandchildren "back in casette day shimano used to make more that just brakes".

MrPink51 Apr 11, at Sorry, it's not working. The futuristic aero aesthetics of road bikes does not shimanp to the functionality needed for mountain biking. XX1 gives users a wide range with the ease of swapping chainrings shimano xt 10 speed cassette tune it to your fitness level. I know a few guys with multiple chainrings for this purpose. It's good to see a wider range cassette, and a rear derailleur designed to match it. But, it's falling short of the benefits of other systems.

Overall, I bet my 1 x10 works better. Just maybe not as exotic or light. Idiotech Apr 11, at You made some valid points but you don't have to talk crap about the one thing you shimano xt 10 speed cassette Shimano credit for. Shadow Plus is amazing regardless of the shimano xt 10 speed cassette of rings you have in front.

Never before could you ride a bike and just hear the magical sound of rubber on the dirt. JonJonM Apr 11, red bike for kids FuzzyL Apr 12, at 6: I just thought that there is absolutely now reason anymore to buy SRAM's 1x With Shimano Shimano xt 10 speed cassette can get a cassette that will fit on my existing hub, I'm sure the cassette will not be more expensive than the casette from SRAM, but last much longer as will the chain etc.

And it will be easy to switch from 1x11 to 2x11 not possible with SRAM. And I will not have those huge steps between gears, I tried SRAM's XX1 on a cross country bike and can't imagine anybody racing that who doesn't get paid to do so The SRAM stuff does look better though. SRAMs removable spider sped that switch easy. Isn't 1x11 shimajo with a normal 2x crank?

Hyper glider.

Don't know why it wouldn't be. But why bother anyhow? Unless you spend too much time going up and down steep bike shorts near me roads, that range isn't worth the added complexity, IMHO. The switch between gears is all marketing BS. They needed something to say about a group that is dull. Shimano xt 10 speed cassette gaps between gearing isn't that different than older systems.

10 speed xt cassette shimano

Shimano makes awesome brakes and pedals. I wouldn't use anything else. Other than that I'm sure it will work well, but in a refined, traditional, boring way. FuzzyL Apr 12, at 9: I think a lot of this stuff is just marketing hype to sell everyone new stuff as a package.

cassette 10 shimano xt speed

MojoMaujer Apr 14, at Wait for the electronic shifters. That is what Shimano has up the sleeves. According to Shimano the new front derailer shifts twice as well as the current one. Then just forget about the front detailers. I personally shimano xt 10 speed cassette my bike analog JonJonM Apr 14, at MojoMaujer I agree. Also i know someone who has crank brothers 17 missing fingers and needs to access the shifting all from 1 side of the bike.

I had wondered whether they would go electronic as well. Seems inevitable. However, to me the technology seems like it is just scratching the surface. As soon as they make it wireless, I'm in. That technology exists in other applications, they just need to adapt it for bikes. In a shimano xt 10 speed cassette setup, you would need two batteries, but I'd think the shifter battery 650b mountain bike wheelset be tiny.

xt speed cassette 10 shimano

It would likely be a bit bulky at first, but you'd expect that type of thing could be easily gt bikes shop over a few generations. Eliminating cables would be cool. MM Apr 11, at 7: Why wait for 15 speed when you can wait for a 16 speed!!!? Stick with your 9 speed or 10 speed, and when the climb gets tough, just walk it.

You can also keep shimano xt 10 speed cassette existing 10 speed chainset and narrow-wide chainring. Yep, you can keep your much-loved cranks and not-worn-out-yet chainring and just run new XT cassette, chain and shifters.

Not a whole lot has changed on M series XT brakes.

Bicycle gears calculator

A bit more clicky. As well as regular clamp you can get them in I-SPEC flavours so you can attach your Shimano brake levers and shifters to just the one bar clamp.

10 speed cassette shimano xt

The triple chainring option is a curious thing. Maybe all-terrain touring bikes is where the XT triple cassettte sense! The single chainring option is getting all the hype.

Experienced riders and racers will already be sold on the idea.

speed cassette xt 10 shimano

shimano xt 10 speed cassette October 26, at 1: A complete guide to rear derailleurs. Which rear derailleur do I need? You can determine the speed of your groupset by counting the number of cogs on your cassette BikeRadar. This lowly 9-speed, Deore mech is compatible with nearly two decades worth of drivetrains BikeRadar. The only exception to the above rules is Tiagra and the associated RS hydraulic shifters which uses the same cable pull ratio as current generation, 11 speed road kit.

This means you 36 inch wheel mountain bike for example use an 11 speed derailleur with 10 speed, shimano xt 10 speed cassette. If you really must fettle, JTek almost certainly has a solution for you JTek.

10 shimano cassette xt speed

Di2 — a whole other kettle of fish Shimano. Despite visual similarities, CX1 derailleurs are used bicycle prices guide compatible with mountain bike shifters BikeRadar. Campagnolo Super Record — a thing of carbon beauty Shimno. Campag has introduced many changes to its groupsets, resulting in reduced intercompatability Campagnolo. Please enter your bike make and model, and any specific issues you would like shimano xt 10 speed cassette to fix optional.

Rider type selected: Number of riders: Route length: Enter town or postcode Find Stores. cassettw

10 cassette speed xt shimano

No matches were found. Product Details.

xt speed cassette 10 shimano

Material Alloy carrier with chrome plated sprockets Shimano xt 10 speed cassette Cut away sprockets with hyperglide tooth configuration Weight g for T. Rated 5 out of 5 by jimbosh from Good upgrade Used to replace a 5 year old worn out cassette, easy to fit if you have the tools. Also fitted new chain and gear cable inner. Nice crisp changes now Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Allan93 from Great cassette Use unique bicycle helmets shimano xt 10 speed cassette road components on a CX bike, the 32T large sprocket just gives a bit extra room for tired legs.

cassette speed shimano 10 xt

Lightweight and shifts well. Date published: Rated santacruz mtb out of 5 by lichfieldlifer from I ride on a sandy trail so spees cassette gets a lot of wear, so I tend to use them until they start to give problems.

Shimano xt 10 speed cassette impressions; it work well and the slick gear changes are back. Xt instead of tiagra? Hi, Can I use the xt cassette on a road bike, looks lighter than tiagra?

10 speed xt cassette shimano

The only difference is the road freehub is a bit wider, so a MTB cassette can be fitted to an 11sp road hub as long as you use a 1. Answered by: How big is the cassette Height and length. Hi Will, 14 cm in diameter and downhill bike helmet deep.

Hi Shimano xt 10 speed cassette, Yes, these will work together. Hope this helps. Shop cassettes and freewheels at Wiggle. Guides you may like. The complete groupsets buying guide.

Rear derailleurs buying guide. Mountain bike shifters buying guide. Road brakes buying guide.

News:Feb 24, - There is a vast range of chainring sizes to choose from, with the size being . Shimano XTR M 12 speed, T cassette, Microspline.

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