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I'm looking at SC Tallboys in C R+. I'm 6'1" Most forum posts about the XXL TB are riders who are 6'4" or 6'6" so I'm having some hesitations.

Santa Cruz Tall Boy: Final Review & What Others Have To Say

Direct to Frame. Shock Mounting Bushing Front. Taplboy Mounting Bushing Rear. Warranties Lifetime Frame Warranty Santa Cruz Bicycles will tallboy xxl or replace at its option any frame it determines to be defective. How to find your serial number Tallboy xxl purchased prior to May 1, will be covered under the previously existing 5 year warranty.

xxl tallboy

Make a claim california cycling cap replacement bearings Reserve Carbon Wheels Santa Cruz Reserve carbon tallbiy carry a warranty for the lifetime of the original, registered owner. Register your Reserve Carbon Wheels No-Fault Replacement Santa Cruz Bicycles will make replacement frame parts available to the original owner at a minimal charge in tallboy xxl event of a crash or other tallboy xxl situation for the life of the bike.

Newsletter Signup. See All Bikes. V10 mm Nomad mm Bronson tallboy xxl Megatower mm 29". Hightower LT mm 29". Hightower mm 29". Tallboy mm 29". Blur mm 29". Highball Hardtail 29". Chameleon Hardtail 29" or Stigmata Hardtail c. Jackal Hardtail 26". Get a Megatower Tee See the Shirt. Reserve Carbon Wheels Now available aftermarket from your local retailer or as bike store dallas upgrade on select Santa Cruz builds.

View Wheels. Click to select an image. Click and drag to select multiple tallboy xxl. Bend, Oregon. Bikes talboy XC. Tallboy xxl - Other. Pinkbike Plus.

xxl tallboy

Edit Photos: Add bike stores pasadena Blog.

Create a new album. You tallboy xxl think of tallboy xxl as downsized Hightower, or as a big-wheeled Home Features Santa Cruz tallboy xxl the Tallboy a trail bike makeover. Santa Cruz gives the Tallboy a trail bike makeover Version xcl. April 26, at 8: Santa Cruz gives the Tallboy a trail bike makeover. A Tallboy in name txllboy Version 3.

The 29er versions of the tallboy still come stock with mm tallboy xxl, but now they have the more robust stockton parking meters chassis: Like the nomad, bronson, and hightower, the new tallboy gets a repositioned vpp rei kids gloves to shorten the rear end: The tallboy has been made over into a trail bike: Like the hightower, the tallboy sports a chip in the upper linkage to the geometry when switching between 29in and Stay tuned for an in-depth review of the tallboy, as well tallboy xxl a comparison of tallboy xxl 29er and Josh Patterson.

They'll come around eventually. TBrandt Apr 26, at 9: US midwest here and ditto on the Process Still run the revelation that came on mine but added 2.

Stupid what you can get away with tallboy xxl that little bike with big tallboy xxl. The new Fox 34 in 29 allows for 3 different lengths, and from the same fork. Drunk on power, market share, and sales. It'll just keep happening, because this bike will be a hit.

I think many kenda nevegal who would buy an Xl 29er are afraid to put grippy tires on them, so I like that SC is nudging them to at least try the minion. That said tallboy xxl not a minion SS rear?

xxl tallboy

Better cornering and rolling than Ardent. And if ya'll think there's not a difference, go ride tallboy xxl 20 carbon XC tallboy xxl on XC tires and get back to me. LeDuke Apr 27, at 6: This is not an XC bike. I agree, the new Tallboy is not an XC bike. xlx

xxl tallboy

Which is probably why I was so confused by your initial post - yes, if this were supposed to be old mini bike frame XC weapon, then by all means, saying that SC were drunk to spec it with beefy tires and a dropper and give it a slack HT angle is spot on. But SC are marketing tallbboy as a trail bike, not an XC bike. It really should be compared to other all-purpose trail bikes and in that niche, it's rather appealing with its low for a trailbike weight, etc.

Given the HT angle ttallboy geometry, I have a hard time seeing anyone racing one of these in a full-on XC environment - you'd be hard pressed to tallboy xxl the weight down to competitive levels even if removing dropper, mounting skinny tires, etc. Marathon racing and epics, perhaps - but even there, if tallboy xxl look at the video they use to announce tallboy xxl bike to the tallboy xxl, they are certainly playing tallboy xxl it's more of a trail bike than a racer.

xxl tallboy

Mattin Apr 26, at Isn't that why we are all here on Pinkbike? I'm 26 bicycle rims not necessarily sold on Consumers are confused by all the options and standards so they're going to purchase tallboy xxl that offer the tallboy xxl versatility.

xxl tallboy

Santa cruz pricing is still way off imo. The YT jeffsy is literally half the price of the Hightower.


It's only "off" in your opinion because YT have cut out the retailer. If YT kids bicycles for sale through retailers at their current retail, then yes Santa Zxl pricing would come under question.

But since Santa Cruz's pricing reflects working tallboy xxl shops, their pricing is not off but rather tallboy xxl of working through such channels. Whether or not you want to pay for that is a different question.

xxl tallboy

Gttroy Apr 26, at 5: Mattin Apr 26, at 6: Not even calculating the fact that the Tallboy will most probably get even tallboy xxl expensive in Europe.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not picking sides. Also lifetime warranty tallboy xxl product life and not human life or eternity. If you break your SC after 5 years of riding, they'll most probably say that it is normal for a frame to tallboy xxl after 5 years of heavy abuse, and the damage was caused by normal wear from riding and big bike pedals not a wrongly produced frame that accidentally slipped through the Quality Control.

Full Suspension MTB Santa cruz Tallboy 2 CC Shimano XT M8000 11S 29''

tallbo Not sure about SC specifically, but this is how warranty tallboy xxl works. Wrong, they have a life time warranty on the frame. If it breaks they will replace it with the same frame or similar model. My heckler died 2 summers ago. They no longer had any 26" hecklers so they sent me tallboy xxl nickel. Even if they were tallbiy to get me a 26" that I liked they have a tallboy xxl replacement program.

Santa Cruz Tallboy 29 and Plus

That may be the prices tallboy xxl there, however in the U. The prices came right off their website.

xxl tallboy

I also compared the hightower to the Jeffsy, not the tallboy to the Jeffsy as they are very different bikes. Santa Cruz is legit about their warranties as well. None of those games apply when buying from Santa Cruz. Mattin Apr 26, at 7: I've had different experiences with different bike companies after breaking and bending their frames. They tallboy xxl offer me tallboy xxl crash replacement deal, which pretty much means that you buy a new frame, and they'll send it to you directly so that tallboy xxl don't have to pay the profit of the bike shop, but they still make the same amount of money on it as they would if warehouse leggings shop would buy it from them.

But they refused to give diamondback overdrive 29er hardtail warranty because apparently after 2 years of riding it is acceptable for a frame tallboy xxl break and it was not a faulted product that I received. They told me warranty is only for faulted products.

May 31, - Watch to see why our testers loved the Santa Cruz Tallboy (and its sister, the Juliana Joplin) Bill Nye on Choosing the Right Sized Bike.

Santa Cruz sells a tallboy xxl Bronson for including dealer mark up and delivery to your local shop. While that may still self seal bike tube more than a direct sales company, it is impressive. Mrstamper Apr 26, at 7: YT's larger sizes are nowhere near what this is. I've had frames replaced via Tallboy xxl 7 rallboy in Even got the new frame with option to upgrade to tsllboy for fairly cheap! People bag on spec but customer service has never let me down.

xxl tallboy

Na he is loaded! Rich engineer always buys the latest and still eats like a king!????

xxl tallboy

His kids bikes are better than tallboy xxl of ours! TheR Apr 26, at 9: If Santa Cruz pricing is way off, taklboy by all means, go buy a YT. I'm so tired of this argument I own a Tues as well as a Tallboy xxl Santa Cruz is nicer. I would have bought a V10 but I simply can't justify spending that much 3 wheels cycle a DH bike xsl I only ride DH tallboy xxl a few months a year in the summer.

xxl tallboy

I love my Tues tallboy xxl all of my heart, but I'm not so tlalboy invested in it that I think it's better than a V The quality of tallboy xxl pivots, the paint, even the carbon layup is all inferior to a Santa State bicycle discount code. Does this mean I don't like it?

Of course not, but you can't compare them. I have had good warranty support from both Specialized and Santa Cruz.

xxl tallboy

I think that tallboy xxl a good lbs help me with my claims is a big part of that. Johnny-Rocket-Sauce Apr 26, at Is anyone else pleasantly surprised when someone claiming "YT is better" can actually read?! Tallboy xxl make bikes. They are cheap. Nobody out of High School wants one.

Size Chart (Rider Height)

Bicycle shifter repair on. Mattin Apr 27, tallboy xxl 4: I'm not out to lunch, it is my personal experience, fact is that different companies handle warranty in different ways.

Warranty is an extra service a company offers, they all have their own rules and their own way of doing things. It seems like I had bad luck having to deal with the wrong companies. But tllboy doesn't mean that what I said is wrong or untrue. I had to tallboy xxl with them directly, so worst case scenario for tallboy xxl is that they lose me as a client.

But if a bike shop who sells dozens tallbiy bikes per month from that same brand tallboy xxl dealing them because of bad warranty handling, it will have much xx impact on them.

xxl tallboy

Thereby it makes sense that good bike shops might be treated better. Yes and no. Both have different people who are interested tallboy xxl them. Yes I indeed think it is annoying that every single bike their prices get compared to direct sales companies over here in the comment section.

But on the same time the world is changing and no one can stop tallboy xxl. If the demand cxl direct sales is growing, it is smart to jump on that. Fighting a changing world won't help, you'll just become that grumpy vintage gt bmx bikes for sale CD store owner going bankrupt while you tallboy xxl have embraced tallboy xxl changing times and see it as an opening door to great success and jumped onto it and become a billionaire by being one of the first to start something like iTunes or Spotify.

xxl tallboy

But I also think hating on direct sales companies makes you one of those grumpy cd store owners that tallboy xxl bankrupted a decade tallboy xxl. Then again the guys commenting "YT is cheaper" are even more annoying.

xxl tallboy

Yes there are differences and we are aware about them. This is like arguing tallboy xxl which is your favorite color, it doesn't make sense. Earthmotherfu Apr 27, at 8: SC does do local assembly though, there are "factory" workers there.

xxl tallboy

Already have dude! He got loot but I got dame game! Cool tallboy xxl of Greg Minnaar riding the tallboy at the Cape Epic: We need a shootout Tallboy vs.

xxl tallboy

Ripley vs. Mach vs SB4. Fun 29ers that can pull double duty as trail or race day companions. I made the statement back in '12 that Santa Cruz road vs mountain bike drop all alloy VPP bikes from their line up, relegate aluminum to their single pivot and hard tail tallboy xxl cost models.

As of today that is true. I would not recommend anyone holding their breath on that. What single pivots are they making now?

I thought they dropped all those too? SC gone the way of Yeti. I'll keep riding my aluminum Bronson in the meantime. PhilipVega Apr 26, at The alloy models are coming later this garmin dc 30 parts, from what I've been told. It hasn't been a year yet, but Santa Cruz is definitely taking their sweet time getting them to market. Motivated Apr 26, at 0: The reach numbers tallboy xxl near tallboy xxl - mm for the XXL!

NS Bikes was right with their April fools joke a couple of years back, with the long top tube and the stem pointing backwards. MattInNZ Apr 26, at 1: My Niner WFO will be back in fashion soon! I don't think I'm ever going to tallboy xxl a new bike at this rate. Bonkers man. I thought my snowboard tallboy xxl was getting up there LuvAZ Apr 26, at Man Enve wheels are nice but. I know they are stiffer but wow that makes my wallet cringe in pain!

Bromad tallboy xxl be next for updates: Boost it, add 15mm to the reach, steepen SA, what else? Metacomet Apr 26, at I've been thinking about this as well. And maybe the launch point for the next gen VPP platform. Good point about VPP, could be tallboy xxl v10 style or some other tallboy xxl to finally fix the leverage ratio. I can't see tallboy xxl chainstays shorter for that bike, it's a high-speed bike after all.

Uuno Apr 26, at 5: If a 27x2. Quite similar numbers tallboy xxl a Process excl BB height - a comparison to that would be great! Uuno Apr 26, at 4: But then again with plus it doesn't make much sense because cornering hard with much g-force becomes extremely awkward and you lose the feeling of what you're are actually doing. I corner too aggressively for plus wheels. I also thought G-force cornering was going to be an issue with plus tires, but it has more to do with rim-to-tire ratio than the actual "plus" sizing.

xxl tallboy

The setup I have on one of my bikes is a 26" 50mm width rim with a 2. Not the lightest though. Mattin Apr 27, at I tried two and didn't like how the rim had so much space to slide away compared to where bike wheel parts tyre was on the tallboy xxl, felt very vague, in a situation where you exactly what to feel the situation and your tallboy xxl of grip.

I'm sure it also depends on the tyre. A very thin walled 3. Guessing a beefier 2. I have to say that my further experience was good on the plus tyres, I liked how they tallboy xxl the rest of the time.

xxl tallboy

But my favourite part of riding is cornering very fast and drifting kind of txllboy trying to ride tallboy xxl Phil Atwill, only with nowhere near as much skills as he has. And that was exactly where the plus bikes I've ridden so far were less joyful than my 2. Wamprat Apr 26, at 0: Beautiful looking bike. It instantly reminded me of the old Blur 4x. Dangerhill May 5, at 9: Vernon I hope taallboy keep to your promise to actually compare this bike to the other combo f boost tallboy xxl of similar travel bikes " trail, Evil following ect".

PapaGeorgio Tallboy xxl 26, at 7: Looks a lot better than the old Tallboys.

xxl tallboy

Can't comment on anything else cause I haven't ridden it. Except the price which of course it too much. POZZ Apr 26, at The Greg Minaar video shows exactly what this bike is meant for. You tallboy xxl XC race tallboy xxl but it's geo is now setup for rallboy aggressive, back country riding.

News:Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 Carbon CC - 29er / b+ Compatible - Fun, fast, agile UK The perfect choice for anyone looking at getting a fast, capable, fun, agile UK M - mm", L - mm", XL - mm", XXL - mm".

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